newtypeshadow (newtypeshadow) wrote in ayaxschuldig,

FIC: 013. Magic

title: 013. Magic
author: newtypeshadow
pairing: established Ran/Schuldig
rating: G
warnings: Aya-chan had a child.
notes: written for the slash_me_twice challenge (table here)

Taki sat on the floor of his brand new apartment for long minutes, frowning at the instructions like they were written in English, and thus utterly unintelligible. There was really no choice; he needed reinforcements. “Uncle Ran?”

Uncle Ran’s head poked around the corner. “What’s wrong?”


Uncle Ran disappeared a moment, and Taki heard a few clanks followed by a shutting cabinet. Then he emerged from the kitchen, dusting off his hands. “So, what do you need help with?”

Taki’s frown deepened. “This shelf. I don’t understand the directions at all.”

Uncle Ran picked up the directions and glanced over them, flipping the pages with graceful efficiency. A moment later, Uncle Schuldig carried a box in from the front room and set it down with mock relief. “Schuldig,” Uncle Ran began,

“On it,” Uncle Schuldig replied.

The shelf was assembled in four minutes. Taki watched from the sidelines as his uncles sorted the screws and bolts, passed off the directions and tools, pressed and hammered and screwed in wooden boards, and carried the shelf to its intended place against the wall—all without speaking.

Taki shook his head and grinned. How the hell did they do that? Maybe they were government enhanced with microchips that let them communicate without words. At least, that was his latest theory.

Uncle Schuldig straightened and smirked at Uncle Ran, who grinned softly back and glanced at Taki.

“Thanks,” Taki said. “I still don’t know how you do that.”

“It’s magic, my dear Taki,” Uncle Schuldig said.

Uncle Ran scoffed. “Don’t lie to him, Schuldig. Taki, your uncle can read minds.”

It was an old joke, and Taki laughed. “What am I thinking?” he challenged.

Uncle Schuldig pressed a hand to his forehead. “You’re thinking…that I am amazing.”

“Wrong as usual, Uncle Schuldig!”

Uncle Ran shook his head and Uncle Schuldig acted shocked. “Well, if you weren’t thinking I’m amazing,” he said with a wink, “you should be.”
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