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help me, please...

 Hi everyone! 
I have recently joined several WK communities, since I have been a big fan of the series for years. I have to admit that I have neglected this fandom for a while, but now I am obsessed again and have to face a problem: I lost many WK fanfics I had gathered years ago because last year I bought a new pc and something wrong happened transferring the files. I have already collected a lot of them again, searching on the Internet- finding some old fics and discovering also new ones- but several websites don’t exist anymore, their links being dead- so I couldn’t find just the fanfics I was looking for the most, ‘cause they are some of the all-time classic WK stories. I mean: “Embracing the Shadows” by Aoe (and hers and Shoori’s other fanfics), “The colour of Joy” by Sionnachdhubh and, last but not least, “The Transcendence Arc” and “Subtracting the Stars” by Sidara- too bad I still have only the amazing “Sunde” of her fictions and I lost all the others… I would be really really grateful if someone could help me. Thanks in advance.

Another question: I love Schuldig x Ran stories… any advice for some good fanfics about this pairing? Thank you very much again.

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Did you still need Embracing the Shadows?

I'm pretty sure I have it saved on my hard drive somewhere!
Some of Aoe and Shoori's other fics can be found on their LJ, if you hadn't found it already :)
Aoe and Shoori are also archived here:

Sorry for spamming! I can't edit my post ^^;

Hope you get this! I'll check back in a few days or so and if you don't, I'll send you a PM :)
Hello there,

Though it's unlikely, would you still happen to have a copy of "Seeing the Light/ Embracing the Shadows"? I've been searching for it everywhere, and even the Way Back Machine seems to have lost it's archive. I desperately want to reread that fic... n.n' It would be amazing if you still do.

::Crosses fingers and hopes.::
I do indeed! I only have "Embracing the Shadows" because "Seeing the Light" was Yohji/Ken which I wasn't interested in. I can't get to the computer at the moment but when I do I'll PM you a mediafire link with it :)
Thank you so much! <3 I recently introduced someone to the fandom, and it's given me cravings...
PM'd! You're very welcome. And I totally understand, haha. I revisit old fandoms a lot.
Hi! I don't mean to but into this conversation but was hoping that if you still had "Embracing the Shadows" that you would be OK with sending me a copy as well..? The wayback machine link now comes up with something about textbots having removed the link to the formerly archived site and, even though I had copied it to my computer hard drive a few years back when it was still available, that computer decided to die unexpectedly. I have been searching for it again without luck. I found this page through a Google search and started scanning the comments when I saw this conversation. I'm not a stalker, honest! I don't know what a media fire link is, but I'm willing to give it a shot if you still have it and are willing to send it..
Hi there! Media fire is a file hosting site, and the link is a download link for the fic's .doc file. Check your messages, I just PM'd you the link :)

(And no worries about butting in! I've also gone through hunting down old fics)
While I am not the poster, I would like a copy, if you still have it.
It's been nearly ten years without Weiß Kreuz, but now my old obsession is back :-) Come my dear kitten...