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苦痛及び喜び : PAIN & JOY : 私はあなたの血を舐める

あなたは私を取るか? [Meine Liebe, lasse ich Sie nie]

[FRICTION] : an Aya x Schuldig community : 苦痛及び喜び
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My sweetheart, in whose eyes
I see my best and worst,
To calm me you must kiss me
A thousand times a day.


This is a community/unoffical fanlisting for fans of the Weiss Kreuz pairing - Aya x Schuldig.
The mod, sarula_poison created [FRICTION] because there was no other Aya x Schu community in existence at the time.


This is the place for fan-art, fan-fiction, reviews, discussions, questions, icons, colorbars, movie & sound clips, images, or any other form of obsessing about everyone's favorite redheads. If it has to do with Aya and Schu, it should be put here!


1) Be respectful and civil to the other users on this community. No flames. Bring any and all disputes to the mod. The laws of common sense are in effect.
2) As this is a male pairing community, adult material is allowed on this community, but please put up a warning to viewers and lock the post.
3) Enjoy yourselves! And feel free to suggest contests or any other improvements you may happen to think of!


2/11/07 - xD; Damn. It's been a while. New~ish layout up - hope it looks okay on everyone's monitor. You guys are really amazing~ O___O!!! I need to play catch up.
Happy February & wishing other people with midterms good luck! ♥

9/20/07 - Update~

8B; In case no one has noticed, I'm a shit mod....
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am refreshing the "Tokyo Sling" MV link and adding a link to "Spiritualized" (Schu's theme song.) Please enjoy!
Bye-bye summer...