(kittykittykitty) (rosalyn_angel) wrote in ayaxschuldig,

081: blood

title: blood
fandom: weiss kreuz
characters/pairing: schuldig/ran
word count: 212
notes: done to slash_me_twice’s table found here, prompt 081: blood.
warnings: cursing, violence, schuldig being schuldig.

Schuldig first sees the boy kneeling in the rubble. The kid’s clothes are coated with dust and there’s a cut on his cheek, blood dripping down in little beads. Schuldig decides the color matches the kid’s hair spectacularly.

It’s a fucking sad sight, it is. The boy’s screaming himself hoarse at the girl pinned beneath the debris, her dark hair snaking out from under it, her blood stretching across the ground. He’s crying her name, clawing at the concrete slab—his fingers are getting raw and damn, but he just keeps screaming at her and the people around him stand like dumbfucks and wonder what to do before going to help someone that has a better chance of living.

And Schuldig thinks it’s funny, really, seeing the people glance at the kid in pity. They’re adults. They know it’s no use, not when the pretty girl is bleeding from her pretty little head.

So he walks over, and he stands right fucking on top of the concrete slab that’s holding her fragile body down.

He says to him that it’s a shame, it’s a damned shame; but look, hey, doesn’t her hair match their niichan’s now? What a nice pair, eh? What a fucking nice pair.

He turns and leaves the kid amongst the rubble.
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